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? Kids
The ?Kids is a youth group affiliated with CCHE for ages 11 and up. This is the 11th year we've been around and we continue to grow in numbers and the things we do. Some f the things we have done are: helped with "Operation Christmas Child", raised donations or needy groups, had a lock-in in a climbing gym, cleaned up Old Salem Church, gone amping and hiking.

We meet monthly on the second Monday of the month and have another activity each month. here is a $5 per child/ $10 maximum per family membership dues this year to join our roup.

We always welcome new members to our group!

- - - - - Exciting Changes! - - - - -

We have been a homeschooling youth group focused on building relationships in a Christian environment for youth ages 11 and up. Last year we grew quite a bit - some meetings/activities had 45 + people attending! With such a large group it is sometimes difficult for new people to find their place and feel comfortable. After much thought and discussion, we have decided to have two groups this year - Senior and Junior. There will be things that both groups will do together, and some that they do separately. We feel that this will better meet the needs of homeschooling youth in our community. We recognize that putting exact ages for membership in the two groups may not meet the needs of the members. What is important is that each person feel comfortable in the group they participate in. Roughly, the Junior group will be for ages 11 - 15 and the Senior group for ages 15 +. There will be some 14 year olds who are connected to the kids in the Senior group and will be more comfortable there. There will be some 15+ age kids who have friends or family in the Junior group and are most comfortable there, or who would like to help out with that group in assisting the leader. There may be some people who participate in both groups at times.

For more information, please contact:
For the Junior group-Sharon Vines,  7 8 6 6 5 5 0,
For the Senior group-Mary Frances Miller,  3 7 2 - 9 8 6 2,

Hearts In-Spired (HIS)
Are you looking for a way your home-schooled children can be ACTIVELY INVOLVED IN CHRISTIAN MINISTRY - in something they will LOVE doing? . . . . and greatly BUILD THEIR CONFIDENCE and STRENGTHEN YOUR FAMILY UNITY at the same time? Get them started early, and ministry will be a way of life by the time they are adults! Parents & students - you are going to LOVE THIS!!

"Hearts In-Spired" (H.I.S.) is a NONDENOMINATIONAL EVANGELISTIC OUTREACH PERFORMING GROUP under the CCHE umbrella of Christ Centered activity groups and ministries that meets in the Fredericksburg area. Our members, ages 8-18, are interdenominational in their faith, but our team is non-denominational in its approach. (Read on . . . . no talent necessary. They develop that over time). Our dynamic, exciting group consists of Christian home-schoolers ages 8-18. This is a Spirit-led group where the students perform musical drama and choreographed routines to contemporary Christian music at local area events and other ministry opportunities. We have ministered at festivals, malls, nursing homes, detention centers and other local, distant and out-of-town events. In the past, we have even performed before elected government officials at political events.

Everything is very low cost. Children are taught the routines at summer camp and learn to have personal prayer and Bible study, as well as how to pray with those in the audience after performances. THIS IS A CO-OP group with a five-fold leadership under the guidance of the International organization, Youth With A Mission (YWAM) where the younger students are mentored by the teens (they love that arrangement!) and the teens are mentored by the parents into leadership. The five-fold leadership will begin planning in the spring/summer for 2003-2004.

If you or any other one you know would be interested, please contact Jim & Francie Guilday AS SOON AS POSSIBLE at 540 548-8409, Spotsylvania/Fredericksburg area. We will be having another introductory meeting soon, so you'll need to be on our email list to find out about it.

In addition to accepting inexperienced children, we also need adults and/or teens who are experienced with drama, dance voice, signing and/or with CHOREOGRAPHY EXPERIENCE to join our leadership. Also, if you have a special talent and are looking for more exposure, this is the team to join! (Our teen choreographer from last year was recognized at a performance by a scout hunter and is now traveling with an international evangelistic performing ministry).

For more information contact Francie Guilday at 540-548-8409 or


The mission of the CHAMPS Co-op is to offer homeschooling families in the Fredericksburg area a supportive structure in which we will provide our children with affordable, quality, and age appropriate group learning experiences in a nurturing, Christian environment. We will accomplish these goals by pooling our financial resources and by utilizing the gifts and talents of participating parents, as well as professional educators in the areas of Art, Music, PE and Spanish Enrichment. CHAMPS! is a private, non-profit ministry. For more information contact Jenny LoBianco and Rana Strickland at

For more information contact Marie McKinney at

For more information contact Nancy Colburnn at

Spotsylvania Regional Christian Homeschoolers
Spotsylvania Regional Christian Homeschoolers (SRCH) is for Christ Centered homeschooling families living in or around Spotsylvania County. Since 1997, SRCH has had an active core membership who have orchestrated social and educational activities for children and parents. Families benefit greatly from the fellowship and encouragement of one another. Our goal is to provide a familiar "family" of friends to walk with in this homeschool journey. Our recent activities include book sharing days, parent meetings, nature days, YMCA swim days, field trips, science fair, international day, used curriculum sale, ice skating, gingerbread house party and other seasonal celebrations. All members are encouraged to plan activities and share their talents. If you would like to join us, please send your request to srchinfo_at_yahoogroups_dot_com to be added to our Yahoo group. There are no membership fees.

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